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JKR Global had used a leading competitor’s product in the UK for many years, which had been heavily modified to meet their specific business process needs.  Despite the modifications, 80% of their reporting was completed in Excel outside the system using large data extracts.  Account Service staff used a myriad of complex Excel templates to prepare estimates before entering summarised data into the system, because it was easier.  This led to a number of common problems:

  • Summarised estimates made it impossible to identify areas of overrun
  • No ability to provide detailed forecasts as data was not held centrally
  • All job cost reporting performed outside of the system, due to lack of data in the system
  • Effort required to prepare accurate reports was significant and quickly out of date

12 months after the Pegasus implementation, all forecasts are performed monthly using Pegasus to input and report.  Over 60% of the agency are using Pegasus on a daily basis for more than timesheet entries and 35% are using the reporting capabilities for analysis and client management.  All monthly management reports are produced directly from Pegasus using our flexible report writers with little or no additional work in Excel.

JKR’s faith in Pegasus to meet their requirements has been rewarded. Pegasus has met and exceeded the expectations of this highly organised and unique agency.  Our partnership with JKR shows the level of system sophistication Pegasus can deliver in the UK market.


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