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Since inception over 30 years ago, Pegasus has been working with advertising agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, production companies and other marketing services companies to deliver the system that meets their needs.

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Sure, but first we need to understand the size, structure and business requirements, whether you want to convert your existing data, and how much customisation you require. We’d like to discuss your requirements by phone first.
No we prefer to demonstrate the software to you face-to-face. If you want to explore the software, it is best experienced with your own data which we can usually convert from your existing system.


We can implement in a few days but we recommend that you take time to plan the process, ensure all staff are ready and do a trial data conversion to ensure its integrity. 6 to 8 weeks with a trial conversion is normal.
No. We convert data at a transactional level. Year end is the worst time, month end isn’t recommended either. Pegasus should be implemented when you are least busy, which is usually mid-month.
We convert data at a transactional level from your old system to Pegasus so you can always access your old data.


Pegasus provides training at implementation by sitting with your staff and opening jobs, raising estimates, entering timesheets and entering media insertions etc. Our experienced Client Service staff have been Pegasus clients and know the best way to train and how to save time. They will stay with your staff until they are using Pegasus confidently.
Pegasus staff will be there to guide you through and help you tailor the reports you want from the system.
Pegasus provides telephone and email support which we monitor and will know if more training is necessary.

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