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Pegasus Systems

What We Offer

What We Offer

Pegasus Systems is a fully integrated creative software solution for businesses in New Zealand, Australia, APAC, USA and UK. It automates all the functions your agency needs, including reporting, billing, campaign management, profitability and media. All you have to do is enter your data once, and Pegasus takes care of the rest.

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Case Studies

AJF Partnership

The AJF Partnership opened their doors in 2005 with three partners, a strong reputation in the industry and large foundation clients. With ambitious growth plans and small budgets, they needed a system that met the demands of a large agency, but at a small price.

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Our Clients

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An all-in-one campaign management software for NZ and Australia

Pegasus Systems provides business solutions and creative software in New Zealand, Australia, APAC, USA and UK. to small businesses who need efficient agency management automation systems to fast-track work, save time and cut costs across the board. Our team works with you to provide your business with a one-stop software solution that caters to all your needs.

Campaign Management in New Zealand Made Simple

We are a cloud-based SaaS company that has been helping New Zealand agencies with their creative campaign management for over 35 years. Our marketing and media management software makes managing all your campaigns a breeze.

With our media and marketing management solutions, you'll be able to create, access, track and manage your marketing plans, events and campaigns on one convenient platform. Set specific budgets for each campaign, track campaign numbers and get detailed hourly reports.

If you're looking for excellent campaign manager tools in New Zealand that will help you get the most out of your resources and achieve greater business success, Pegasus Systems has you covered.

Why Choose Pegasus Systems for campaign management?

Campaign Management

With years of leading industry experience, our team has carefully designed our software to ensure that Pegasus is the only agency campaign management solution your business needs.

One-Stop Software Solution

No more juggling multiple software systems to manage your employees, time, resources and invoices. Pegasus does it all.

We provide New Zealand businesses with a single, intuitive, integrated platform for all their needs to manage campaigns. Schedule jobs, track time and manage campaign expenses in one place. Say goodbye to confusion between projects or misplaced resources.

Manage Multiple Projects

Enter data once and use it across all of your verticals. Our software allows you to collaborate on multiple projects with team members and clients and get notified when new updates appear. Pegasus is designed to fast-track your growth while eliminating creative project and campaign management issues.

Drive Project Profitability

Embrace what works with us. Using advanced tools, you can report on company and client profitability. Identify what's working and what can be improved in your marketing process with our creative management solution. You'll get to turn curiosity into conversions.

Track And Manage Your Resources

Multiple campaigns mean multiple deadlines, resources, clients and assets to keep track of. Without an integrated platform, it's easy for wires to get crossed or vital resources to become misplaced.

We help you stay informed on tasks, updates and important upcoming dates. Pegasus allows you to manage team members and delegate tasks according to availability with ease.

One-click Easy Time Tracking

Easily track and manage time on the go with our software. Use timesheet approval workflows to prevent errors, and track time separately for each task and across multiple entities. It's productivity and time management made simple.

Streamline The Costs of Managing Your Campaigns

Keep a record of receipts, bills, and recurring expenses. Keep a record of receipts, bills and all recurring expenses. You'll be able to manage your financials with ease and track that expenditures are going as they should be.

Management Software Meeting

Professional Invoice Tools

Convert estimates into invoices with a single click. Our templates allow you to generate professional invoices and customise them as you wish. With Pegasus, managing the financial aspects of your marketing campaigns is easy.

Profit Reporting

Analytics are a vital part of assessing campaign success. With the ability to generate accurate profitability reports and forecasts, Pegasus grants you remarkable insight into your business and creative efforts.

Data Security & Compliance

With Pegasus Systems, your data is 100% secure. We adhere to all legally mandated standards of data compliance, i.e. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and ISO 27001. We also have additional security protocols in place to ensure that your data is kept safe from exploitation, theft and misuse. That’s why you’ll be able to manage your campaigns with total peace of mind when you choose Pegasus


We have been providing creative project and campaign management solutions to clients across New Zealand for over 35 years. Our agency management software has been used industry-wide to manage campaigns, including by companies such as Droga5, AJF Partnership, JKR Global and The Monkeys.

Online support

Our friendly customer service team is always on hand to offer whatever support and help you might need using our agency management software.

What Is Campaign Management?

Campaign management describes all the work that goes into planning and executing a creative campaign. It can span everything from inbound and outbound marketing, relationship management and content creation strategy.

However, managing campaigns isn't simply limited to what goes on while the campaign is running. Just as important is analysing and measuring the effectiveness of a campaign after it ends.

How Can Pegasus Help?

Optimising all stages of the creative planning process is usually the goal of campaign managers. With our software solution, Pegasus makes refining your agency's processes simple. Plus, you'll be able to automate and implement future marketing activities across multiple channels with ease.

Why Do You Need Campaign Management Software?

Creative campaigns can be an extensive, complex, multifaceted process involving a wide range of assets, stakeholders and deadlines. Plus, your agency may need to handle multiple campaigns or projects for varied clients simultaneously.

This makes streamlining the management process essential so that you can prevent any confusion or costly errors.

That's where campaign management tools come in. Creative agency management solutions allow you to handle, segment, and keep track of large numbers of distinct campaigns.

They can help you launch, schedule, coordinate and monitor campaigns, even across different channels.

Agency management tools allow you to manage your resources better and boost your campaigns' productivity. They'll organise and streamline your resources, team members and campaigns, increasing your ROI and the chances of project success.

Plus, our agency management software solutions will give you a clear understanding of what's working in your marketing processes and where your team could improve your campaigns.

They'll do more than just make your agency's day-to-day work much more manageable - they'll also help avoid mistakes and delays, getting the results you want and your clients need.

If you would like more information on how Pegasus can help your business boost the efficiency of its campaigns and maximise their performance, get in touch with our team at +649 379 4320.

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