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Media Planning Digital

Our media planning digital tools will help you get every aspect of your business performing better. Here at Pegasus Systems, our fully-integrated software will streamline your media assets management, optimising your cost-efficiency while taking up less of your, your employees’ and your clients’ time.

Pegasus Digital Media Planning Tools

Work better with a one-stop-shop for all your agency’s media management needs. We make it easy for you to store and manage media assets, data, and invoicing in a single, centralised place.

The modern creative business has to be more mobile than ever before. With our easy-to-use software, integrate projects and departments with no trouble and free up valuable resources using our media planning digital systems.

Whether you want to streamline your communications or maximise your employees’ efficiency, Pegasus Systems will help you transform the way you do business.

The Media Workbook

Our media management module is a powerful, intuitive tool allowing you to access media data at all stages of the planning and buying process. And this powerhouse doesn’t just stop with asset management. You can handle client billing and supplier payments all from one convenient interface

Single Point of Data Entry

Enter data once and use it across all your channels. Don’t waste time filling out spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Our media planning digital systems let you import bookings directly from media suppliers. You can also enter them manually, for instance, if your client supplied them in a written format or you want to ensure absolute precision.

Use your bookings to automatically produce supplier booking advice, material instructions, amendments, and cancellation notices. With Pegasus Systems, you get total automation from one single, accessible interface.

Flexible Bookings

The creative world is constantly changing, and our software has the flexibility to keep up with your business’ needs. When you use Pegasus Systems, you can update your bookings as and when things change and keep work moving.

Client Invoices

With our media planning digital tools, you can generate client invoices directly from bookings. Add them seamlessly to the appropriate accounting modules without worrying about data getting lost moving between departments.

Accounts Payable Reconciliations

With the ability to seamlessly integrate the same booking data, you can handle efficient, accurate reconciliations and payments from our platform. Ensure that the money’s flowing where it should be and that business is getting done.

Commission Splits

Are we working in collaboration with other contractors, freelancers, or another agency? If you need to split commissions between parties, our software easily handles this in the background as part of the invoicing process. We make media planning, digital or traditional, a seamless and hassle-free process.

Adjustments Post-Invoicing

There aren’t many creative agency softwares as flexible as what we offer here at Pegasus Systems. If your client’s asked for unexpected revisions or you’re facing other sudden changes, our software works with you.

You can make adjustments to your invoice after it’s been generated by simply updating the original bookings and invoice. With real-time reporting functionality, everyone using the system receives the same updated information when changes are made.

Comprehensive Inquiries

Don’t worry about hunting through page after page to find a single issue. Comprehensive inquiries allow you to drill down from reports to the source transaction and resolve issues on the fly. Best of all, our media planning digital tools preserve historical data as long as you require. That means no worries about losing old reports or files going missing in piles of paperwork.

Real-Time Reports

Building case studies to describe the work you do? Have historical or future-dated issues to resolve? With our media management module, past and future booking real-time reports can be formatted, saved as templates, or exported to spreadsheets for further analysis as you need.


The future is global. As a creative agency, you’re likely to have a robust online presence and deal with clients based around the world. Here at Pegasus Systems, we’ve designed our media planning digital systems for multi-currency inputs, allowing you to carry out billing and payments in various currencies. Manage exchange gains and losses with ease. Help your business go worldwide.

Discounts and Loadings

Have you given a special offer to a client? Our system keeps track of volume discounts and rate loading automatically. Report on them separately or together with placement data – it’s all up to what works best for your business.

At Pegasus Systems, we help you integrate functionality across your business, saving you time, money and getting work done better. For more information about our media management software, get in touch with us at +649 379 4320.

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