Finding The Appropriate Job Management Software For Your Agency

01 Sep 2020

How does your agency handle numerous projects, deliverables, deadlines, and client relationships?

Up to this point, you have attempted to keep everything organized in various spreadsheets and email threads, but you have come to realize that it is just not working. Important messages get lost in the translation, timelines slide, and status updates get buried.

Unsurprisingly, having a multi-platform toolkit is hugely inefficient. It requires you to constantly switch between platforms and capabilities, having to master many different conventions and rules and go through endless onboarding programs.

With so many options out there, we have put together a summary checklist that can assist your evaluating a job management software for your marcomms agency.

Our job-centric interface simplifies managing resources, and timelines from concept to billing real-time. Creative and Studio briefs, Estimates, Orders, Timesheets, WIP Reports, Resource allocation and planning all in one place. 

  • Estimates – Produce job estimates with confidence from templates within Pegasus, send them to clients for approval, manage multiple estimates per job.
  • Orders – Raise orders directly from the approved estimate using the estimate detail.
  • Fast turnaround – Raise a studio brief from the estimate and send it directly into the studio.
  • Resource Allocation – Create resource requirements quickly based on estimated hours without the need for detailed timelines that require constant updating.
  • Manage job costs – Interrogate the job reports by drilling down to individual costs and timesheets.
  • Job Cost Over-runs – Set your own percentage of estimate parameters and process reports that show job costs that are exceeding this level online and in real-time.

Every agency will be different, but the philosophy that underpins its growth are usually the same - people, clients, and profitability. Understanding Client/Job profitability is crucial to finding the ideal agency management system.

Pegasus Systems is a single source of truth, not only does our platform include all of the features you require for a time and cost job management system, but it includes other integrated functions which improve efficiencies, such as time entry. We also have production reporting for time and cost transactions, production invoices, order management, estimate management, job profitability as well as client profitability just for the production team.

Our goal is to make Pegasus Edge the industry-leading tool which will ultimately improve decision making and allow agency financial professionals to provide key intelligence when required to be able to make informed decisions for the benefit of the Agency.

Pegasus Systems, our focus is on helping Marcomms Agencies to improve their software systems and as a result, their time cost and operational management costs to have a more profitable business. If you would like any insight, please Contact Us.

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Pegasus is a complete, fully integrated system that provides management with real time reports to support decisions that have to be made quickly to ensure your agency operates efficiently.


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