JKR Testimonial

11 Feb 2015

"I decided to implement Pegasus after being very impressed by their fully integrated reporting/job costing/resource management capabilities and their reputation in Australia/New Zealand, the U.S. and Asia Pacific. Our agency has very high standards and some complex pricing challenges... and we wanted to speed up some areas that were very manual and extremely labour intensive whilst increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

"I have been very impressed with the whole Team at Pegasus with the implementation across three countries and despite some challenges they have been extremely responsive and efficient in resolving any issues and recommending improved processes.

"I would certainly recommend Pegasus to my peers and competitors. We now have full client profitability as well as a range of many other improvements in the agency and have saved huge amounts of time and money in many areas such as pricing new projects as well as increased efficiency and recovery."

Mike Khan
CFO - Jones Knowles Ritchie

+44 (0) 7901 556665

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Pegasus is a complete, fully integrated system that provides management with real time reports to support decisions that have to be made quickly to ensure your agency operates efficiently.


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